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An angled view of the front of Mt Notre Dame's buildings, including the main building on the left and St Mary's Hall on the right. The main building, the first built, was constructed in 1860 and St Mary's Hall, the last addition, was completed in…

A rear image of St Joseph's Hall, built in the late 1870s, was incredibly useful for the Sisters as an extra space for their community room. Before St Joseph's Hall was built, all the assemblies were held in the refectory.

Boarding students of Mt Notre Dame Academy playing by a creek near the school. The Sisters' property on the Mountain at one point included nearly 100 acres of farmland, gardens, orchards, vineyards, and an area known as "The Virgin Woods".

An image of what is likely the gymnasium used by the students at Notre Dame Academy in Southern Pines. A booklet about the school advertised the various athletic opportunities for students to enjoy, including: tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball,…

A view of the grounds at Southern Pines. Previously known as "Pineholm", the estate that the Sisters bought included two garages, four barns, wind mills, a log-cabin gymnasium, two lakes, pine groves, and a sunken garden.

The grounds and property soon to be converted into the new North Wing at the high school and the Sisters' convent.

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A view of the front yard at Notre Dame High School in Chicago before the 1956 construction of the first addition to the campus.

A view of the cornerstone at Notre Dame High School with students nearby. The inscription on the cornerstone reads "And this is the victory which overcometh the world, our faith." (1 John 5:4).

A view of the front entrance to Notre Dame High School. By 1946, the student body was so large that the seniors had to come in earlier and leave earlier to make room for other grades.

A view of the growing high-rises in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. The current neighborhood is populated by many high-rises.

An angled view of the high school's front exterior and the side grounds surrounding the building. In 1925, the Sisters decided to move the boarding students from West Rittenhouse Square outside of the city to the Moylan site, which became the Academy…

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A view of the driveway entrance to the Trinity Preparatory School in Ilchester, MD. The school opened on September 17, 1934 with 17 boarders and 5 day pupils, and was accredited by the US Department of Education of Maryland in 1939.

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A photo of the large crucifix at the Ilchester cemetery.


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