Spirituality from HeritageCentre on Vimeo.

Ideas for reflection on St. Julie’s spirituality

We invite you to spend time reflecting on the spirituality of St. Julie. You might want to sit quietly for some minutes and simply let all the voices you have heard and the words you have read sink into you.

How does St. Julie’s pirituality resonate with your heart?  We offer the following questions for your time of quiet.

God’s goodness

How have you experienced God’s goodness in your life?

…through creation?

…through the people around you?

…through God’s loving presence during difficult or painful experiences?

When have you experienced the joy of God’s goodness?


When have you experienced feelings of trust in God?

When have you experienced difficulty or suffering that lead to new life?

When have you experienced feelings of freedom from anxiety and worry, freedom that comes from knowing God loves you?


Julie’s experience of simplicity was to be so focused on God that others experienced God through her.  Who are the people through whom you experience God’s presence and Goodness?

How do you experience simplicity?

Our Lady

Mary, the mother of Jesus, heard the Word of God and pondered it in her heart.  When do you have opportunities to ponder God’s Word?


Have you experienced the gift of courage?  In what areas of your life do you need God’s gift of courage?

God gifts each person with creativity.  How can you use your creativity to make the world a place where all people can experience God’s goodness?

Meeting God in the poor

Have you had opportunities to experience God’s love and justice?

How have those experiences expanded your heart?

Reflect on moments when the story of someone trapped in poverty has tugged at your heart.  How have you responded? How did the experience change you?