Southern Pines, North Carolina


Southern Pines, North Carolina


Documents and photos showing the lives, works, and community of the Sisters in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

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Notre Dame Academy - Southern Pines, Before Conversion
An image of the school building before it was converted by the Sisters for educational purposes. The building was originally a barn and was part of a 258 acre estate.

Notre Dame Academy - Southern Pines, Front Entrance 1937
A view of the front entrance to the academy, which was originally a barn. The Sisters taught children from primary grades up through high school.

Convent - Southern Pines
The front entrance to the convent in Southern Pines. In 1935, Sister Provincial Rosalia of the Blessed Sacrament was initially looking for a rest house for sick or invalid Sisters. A doctor recommended the restorative climate of North Carolina. While…

Notre Dame Academy - Southern Pines, Grounds
A view of the grounds at Southern Pines. Previously known as "Pineholm", the estate that the Sisters bought included two garages, four barns, wind mills, a log-cabin gymnasium, two lakes, pine groves, and a sunken garden.

Log Cabin - Southern Pines
An image of what is likely the gymnasium used by the students at Notre Dame Academy in Southern Pines. A booklet about the school advertised the various athletic opportunities for students to enjoy, including: tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball,…

Notre Dame Academy - Southern Pines, Dorm Room
A dorm room used by one of the lodgers at the Academy. Sister Marie Sylvia, mistress of boarders in the 1930s, described how difficult it was to keep the boarders from being bored because there was little excitement at the Academy. Students wanted to…

Notre Dame Academy - Southern Pines, Young Students
Students from the lower grades outside of the school house. When the school opened, Sisters held classes from 1st through the fourth year of high school. All grades were taught French and there was an emphasis on musical classes.

Notre Dame Academy - Southern Pines, School Bus
An image of the school bus used to transport day schoolers to and from the Academy. There was an option to board at the school, which four students did the first year the school opened in 1937, but most students lived at home.

Notre Dame Academy - Southern Pines, Horse Riding
Seven students sitting on horses on the campus grounds. Horse riding was a popular pastime for the students. Sister Helen recalled that most days from 3-4, students spent time outside for athletic purposes. One of the general regulations stated that…

Notre Dame Academy - Southern Pines, Social Hall
The Social Hall was used by the students as a space for indoor recreation.
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