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Welcome to the Virtual Archives of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

The Virtual Archives is an extension of the various physical SNDdeN archives in the congregation and is intended to show a little of what we keep and preserve.

The idea of the Virtual Archives is to lower the obstacles between the people interested in the history of the Sisters and the Order and finding materials in the archival collections. It also helps further part of our archival mission of making our collections available to the current Sisters, relatives of Sisters, alumnae and staff at schools where Sisters taught, local communities, and researchers. Our archives hold the incredible SNDdeN history, and it is important to share it with the communities touched by the Sisters.

On this website, you can find photos of and documents about the early foundation of the Sisters, the numerous schools and convents where the Sisters worked and lived, the evolution of the ministries, and much more. With thousands of items in our many collections, we are slowly, yet steadily, adding digital content to the Virtual Archives.

For more information about how to navigate the website, visit the How To/FAQ page.

For more information and educational material about the history of the Order, visit our Heritage Centre at: snddenheritagecentre.org

You can also follow us on our Congregational Facebook page to stay connected to the current activities of the Sisters: https://www.facebook.com/SNDdeN.CMO/?fref=ts