Ilchester, Maryland


Ilchester, Maryland


Photos and documents related to and showcasing the lives of the Sisters at Ilchester, Maryland.

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Ilchester - St Mary's Hall Exterior
An exterior view of St Mary's Hall, a part of Trinity Preparatory School.

Ilchester - St Margaret's Hall and St Lindwine's Hall Exteriors
An exterior view of two buildings used by the Trinity Preparatory School in Ilchester.

Ilchester - Cemetery Crucifix
A photo of the large crucifix at the Ilchester cemetery.

Ilchester - Corpus Christi Chapel and Provincial House
A color photo of the Corpus Christi Chapel, erected in 1923, and the Provincial House, or also called St Mary's Hall, which was built in 1914.

Ilchester - Corpus Christi Chapel Interior
A view at the interior of the chapel pews, altar, and statues. The first mass was held on August 10, 1934 for the Feast of St Lawrence.

Ilchester - St Anne's Hall
An exterior view of St Anne's Hall in Ilchester, MD. The hall temporarily served as the first chapel when the Sisters arrived in 1934, but later was used for classrooms.

Ilchester - Julie Billiart Hall
A view of the Novice and Postulant house (or novitiate) and the surrounding grounds. The novitiate for the Sisters in the eastern US was once held in Waltham, MA, but was transferred to Ilchester in 1934 by Provincial Sr Rosalia of the Blessed…

Ilchester - Trinity Preparatory School Entrance Gate
A view of the driveway entrance to the Trinity Preparatory School in Ilchester, MD. The school opened on September 17, 1934 with 17 boarders and 5 day pupils, and was accredited by the US Department of Education of Maryland in 1939.

Ilchester - Property Grounds
An aerial view of the grounds before the Sisters purchased the property. The original buildings were used by the Donaldson School for boys, which closed in 1933.

Ilchester - Visit from Mere Josepha de St Francois
A photo from the visit of Superior Mother Josepha de St Francois in 1959. Also included are American Provincials and the Ilchester community.

Ilchester - Novice Instruction
Sr Ann Cornelia Vaughn teaching a full classroom of novices at Ilchester, MD.

Ilchester - Postulant Instruction
A full classroom of postulants at Ilchester receiving training.

Ilchester - Sr Loretto Julia visiting Novices
Sr Loretto Julia Carroll visiting with novices at Ilchester, MD.
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