Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati, Ohio


Photos and documents detailing the lives and works of the Sisters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Sixth Street Early Sisters with Sister Rosine
A photo of early Sisters in Cincinnati at Sixth Street Convent. In the front row are: Sisters Florentia, Eusebie, Loyola, Marie Florentia, and Marie Donatilde. In the second row are: Sisters Eulalia du St Esprit, Constantia, Alphonse Marie, and…

Sixth Street Early Sisters with Provincial Superior, Sister Julia
A photo of Sisters in the Sixth Street courtyard in Cincinnati. Provincial Superior, Sister Julia is in the center and Sister Martha is to her right.

Sixth Street Early Sisters with Superior Sister Mary Borgia
A photo of the community at Sixth Street with Superior Sister Mary Borgia.

Sixth Street Early Sisters
A group of early Sisters in the Sixth Street courtyard in Cincinnati. In the front row are Sisters: Aloysius Gonzaga, Mary Magdalene, Aloysia, and Josepha. In the middle row are Sisters: Martha, Aloysius, Mary Johanna, and Lawrence. In the back row…

Sixth Street Sister Lucidie and Sister Mary Stanislaus
A photo of the Sixth Street community and Sisters Lucidie and Mary Stanislaus in the inner courtyard.

Sixth Street Garden
A view of the inner courtyard garden at the Sixth Street Convent in Cincinnati. The early Sisters would let their neighbors into the garden to get water from the spring that flowed there.

Sixth Street Aerial View
A view looking down on the Sixth Street Convent, showing the neighborhood block. The property once belonged to Reverend Oliver Spencer, a pastor at the adjacent Methodist church.

Sixth Street Courtyard
A view of the inner courtyard of the Sixth Street Convent.

Sixth Street Door
The front door at Sixth Street, built in the Federal style. While the door no longer survives, the large brass key used with the lock is part of the Ohio Unit Archive's artifact collection.

Sixth Street Convent Entrance
A view of the front exterior of the Sixth Street Convent and Academy. Before the Sisters' owned the property, it belonged to Reverend Oliver Spencer, a Methodist pastor. He had many building materials imported from Philadelphia, which were used to…

Sixth Street Garden Statue
The Madonna and Child statue in the Sixth Street garden.

Sixth Street Chapel and Courtyard
A view of the exterior of the chapel at Sixth Street from side facing the inner courtyard. The hand pumps were connected to a natural spring where the Sisters and neighbors would draw clean drinking water.

Sixth Street Courtyard and St Francis Xavier Steeple
An image of the inner courtyard and surrounding convent at the Sixth Street site in Cincinnati with the steeple of St Francis Xavier Church in the distance. The Sixth Street Convent was the first international mission site for the Order.

Sixth Street Golden Jubilee Celebration
Decorations set up in the hall at Sixth Street for the 50th Anniversary of the Sisters in America. Sixth Street was the first international mission site for the Order.
The Sisters travelled across the Atlantic on September 9th, 1840 aboard the…

Sixth Street Music Hall
The interior of the music hall at Sixth Street. Music was an important component of education at the Sixth Street Academy.

Sixth Street Building Sketch
A sketch of the Young Ladies Academy next to the first Cathedral of Cincinnati, which is now St Francis Xavier Church. The sketch shows how the Notre Dame Academy on Sixth Street was originally called the Young Ladies Literary Institute (shortened to…

The Summit - 1896 Community
The community of Sisters moved into The Summit convent in 1890 and began teaching in September 1890 to a first class of 20 students.

The Summit - St Cecilia Hall
A view of the stage in the St Cecilia Hall auditorium at The Summit. Until 1895 when the chapel was built, St Cecilia Hall was the school and community chapel. After 1895, St Cecilia Hall became the official auditorium of the school. The hall was…

The Summit - First Aid Class
A view of the Sisters preparing for first aid training. While the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur is to teach young students, some Sisters also took learned first aid and volunteered with the Red Cross.

The Summit - Gym Class
A view of students at The Summit playing on gym equipment.
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