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Six students of Mt Notre Dame Academy standing in a vineyard on the community's property. The grounds that the Sisters' purchased included ample space for their gardens, vineyard, and orchard.

A group of graduates of Mt Notre Dame Academy in their white graduation dresses.

Students and alumnae of Mt Notre Dame Academy around St Mary's Hall on Alumnae Day. The Alumnae were instrumental in raising funds for the Belgian communities of Sisters damaged by the fighting during the First World War.

A group of seniors at Mt Notre Dame Academy standing between the stair cases on the outside of St Mary's Hall.

A line of novices at Mt Notre Dame standing along a road, possibly during a national holiday.


A view of the front of the chapel at Mt Notre Dame. The chapel was consecrated on December 10 1868 under the title of the Immaculate Conception. The previous chapel was converted into a much-needed hall with a stage on one end for the students to use…


The statue of Mary inside the Lourdes Grotto at Mt Notre Dame. It was donated by Mrs. Adelaide Foss, a family member of a few Sisters.

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A front view of the Lourdes Grotto on the grounds of Mt Notre Dame. The grotto was built around 1910 and was moved to its current location in 1959 when the Juniorate building was constructed.


A view of the front of St Mary's Hall that is almost finished being built. The building, beginning construction in August 1903, was finished in time for the re-opening of class in September 1905.

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A view of the greenhouse in the back of the Mt Notre Dame buildings. The Sisters were very keen to grow a lot of their own food, as well as to grow plants and flowers.

A view of the steeple of the chapel at Mt Notre Dame from the side with an unidentified priest in a yard.

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An angled view of the main building and the chapel at Mt Notre Dame. The main building was the original convent, academy, and chapel. It wasn't until 1868, eight years after the academy opened, that the chapel was completed, using limestone from the…

An angled view of the front of Mt Notre Dame's buildings, including the main building on the left and St Mary's Hall on the right. The main building, the first built, was constructed in 1860 and St Mary's Hall, the last addition, was completed in…

A rear image of St Joseph's Hall, built in the late 1870s, was incredibly useful for the Sisters as an extra space for their community room. Before St Joseph's Hall was built, all the assemblies were held in the refectory.

Young children receiving the sacrament of First Communion in the chapel at Mt Notre Dame.

Boarding students of Mt Notre Dame Academy taking a visit to the zoo. Although a good distance away from the busy city, students from time to time would take trips to see the sites of Cincinnati, such as the zoo or Eden Park.

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Boarding students of Mt Notre Dame Academy out for a walk along Ridge Road. Country walks were part of the physical activities for the students.

Boarding students of Mt Notre Dame Academy playing by a creek near the school. The Sisters' property on the Mountain at one point included nearly 100 acres of farmland, gardens, orchards, vineyards, and an area known as "The Virgin Woods".

Two boarding students at Mt Notre Dame Academy standing in the yard behind the main building.

Four boarding students at Mt Notre Dame Academy standing in the yard in front of the academy and convent buildings.
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