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Columbus, Ohio


Documents and photos showing the lives, works, and community of the Sisters in Columbus, Ohio.

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St Joseph Academy - Columbus, Gardens
A view of the convent, academy, and garden at the Rich Street site. Sister Louisa, one of the early Sisters in Columbus, was a talented gardener and was often found in her wooden shoes tending to the convent garden when the Sisters lived on Eighth…

Rich Street Shrine
A statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in a shrine in the garden at Rich Street.

Rich Street Courtyard Statue
A statue of an angel and child in the courtyard at Rich Street.

Rich Street Convent and Chapel
A view of the side of the chapel and part of the convent added in 1898.

Rich Street Shrine under Trees
A view of the shrine and statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in the garden at Rich Street under some trees. The shrine was built in 1892 and was a frequent place of prayer.

Rich Street Property, c1963
An aerial view of the property at the Rich Street site around 1963. The original convent was built in 1863, with a chapel on the second floor and a cellar. In 1875, the Sisters built St Joseph Academy. In 1880, a new chapel was built, which also…

St Joseph Academy - Columbus, Sketch
A sketch of the Rich Street convent and the original St Joseph Academy. The Academy was built in 1875, when the tuition for higher grades was $8 per quarter and for lower grades $7 per quarter.

St Joseph Academy and Rich Street Convent
A side-angle view of the convent and academy. Early curricula for higher grades included: Christian Doctrine, Church History, Modern History, Algebra, Geometry, Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Metaphysics, English Rhetoric, Literature and Composition,…

St Joseph Academy and Rich Street Convent, 1905
A view from the sidewalk of the academy and convent in 1905. 1905 marked the 50th anniversary of the Sisters' presence in Columbus, and was also the year that the first German language class was offered at the academy.

St Joseph Academy and Rich Street Convent, c1875
A view of the academy and convent from the sidewalk across from Rich Street.

Rich Street Property, c1900
A view into the walled property at Rich Street. On the left is St Joseph Academy, in the center is the chapel, and on the right is the five-story convent built in 1897. The walled garden was used during the school year as the playground and during…

Rich Street Our Lady of Fatima Tour
The statue of Our Lady of Fatima, blessed by the Bishop of Liera, Fatima, was received by the Sisters on November 25, 1949 during its pilgrimage through the United States. It arrived at 11:50pm and the chaplain held a midnight sermon. At 6:45am the…

Rich Street Chapel, 1955
Sisters at prayer in the chapel.

Rich Street Chapel, c1889
A view of the convent chapel most likely before 1889. It is believed that this is the appearance of the chapel building that was constructed in 1880 before the extensive renovation in 1889.

Rich Street Chapel, c1892
A view of the convent chapel most likely after renovations done in 1889.

Rich Street Chapel, c1920
A view of the altar at the convent chapel after renovations done in 1906. The two angel candelabra were a gift from a graduate of St Joseph Academy and her mother given in 1918.

Rich Street Chapel First Communion
First Communicants praying in the convent chapel. The Annals from Rich Street note that in 1898, a four year old student received First Communion, causing great joy at the convent.

Rich Street Chapel, c1945
The front of the convent chapel showing the altar, statues, and crucifix.

Rich Street St Joseph Stained Glass Windows
The stained glass window depicting St Joseph was gifted by the Alumnae Association in honor of Sister Josephine Ignatius, former Superior at St Joseph Academy, who died in 1922.

Rich Street St Joseph Statue
A statue that was gifted by the Class of 1933.
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