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5th and 6th grade students in a classroom reading at their desks.

Photo of boys from the 5th and 6th grade outside in the school playground/garden. Boys' uniforms were introduced in 1931.

Students in 1st and 2nd grades at St Joseph Academy reading in the library.

A class photo of young students at St Joseph Academy.


Young boy students at St Joseph Academy. The Sisters taught lower grades for boys, who had to leave the school after they received First Communion.

Eleven students in 7th and 8th grade from St Joseph Academy sitting for a photo.

Students on stage preparing for an orchestral performance. The Music Department was strong at St Joseph Academy. Classes for piano, harp, violin, cello, and singing were available to students.

Three students in uniform sitting on their bicycles in the school garden/playground. The first uniform adopted by St Joseph Academy was in 1922, which included a black plaited skirt long enough to cover the knees when seated, long stockings, a white…

Students of the Class of 1926 using the physics lab at St Joseph Academy. It is uncertain whether the laboratory is in the original St Joseph Academy building or the St Joseph Academy High School building.

A class of St Joseph Academy boys taught by Sister Florine. The classes for boys were known as the St Pancretius (Pancratius) Department for Boys.

Statue of St Julie and a young girl, possibly added to the chapel oratory in 1935.


A statue that was gifted by the Class of 1933.

The stained glass window depicting St Joseph was gifted by the Alumnae Association in honor of Sister Josephine Ignatius, former Superior at St Joseph Academy, who died in 1922.

The front of the convent chapel showing the altar, statues, and crucifix.

First Communicants praying in the convent chapel. The Annals from Rich Street note that in 1898, a four year old student received First Communion, causing great joy at the convent.

A view of the altar at the convent chapel after renovations done in 1906. The two angel candelabra were a gift from a graduate of St Joseph Academy and her mother given in 1918.

A view of the convent chapel most likely after renovations done in 1889.

A view of the convent chapel most likely before 1889. It is believed that this is the appearance of the chapel building that was constructed in 1880 before the extensive renovation in 1889.

Sisters at prayer in the chapel.

The statue of Our Lady of Fatima, blessed by the Bishop of Liera, Fatima, was received by the Sisters on November 25, 1949 during its pilgrimage through the United States. It arrived at 11:50pm and the chaplain held a midnight sermon. At 6:45am the…
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