Sisters of Notre Dame of Amersfoort, Hollande, 1822

Founded on July 29, 1822, the Congregation of SND of Amersfoort was born under the impetus of Père Wolff, S.J., superior of the Holland mission. In 1819, Mère Saint Joseph agreed to admit three Dutch candidates to the novitiate in Ghent. Returning to Holland, they engaged in education under the name of “Christian Pedagogy.” 

In 1840, the Sisters faced great difficulties, they regrouped under the name of Sisters of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Even though they did not recognize Julie Billiart as their foundress, they had a real devotion to her. However, three sisters refused to follow them and they were welcomed in Ghent where they discovered that the rule they had always followed was the same as the one of the SND of Namur. On August 22, 1841, these three sisters pronounced their vows and Mère Marie-Joseph became Superior General of the Sisters of Notre Dame of Amersfoort. This Congregation is independent with its own government but lives in the same spirit and follows the Rule of the SND of Namur, adapted to the political and religious context of their country. 

Today, the SND of Amersfoort are present in Holland, Indonesia, Malawi, Philippines and Malaya and are engaged in education, pastoral work and care of the sick.

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