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Boarding students of Mt Notre Dame Academy out for a walk along Ridge Road. Country walks were part of the physical activities for the students.

Seven students sitting on horses on the campus grounds. Horse riding was a popular pastime for the students. Sister Helen recalled that most days from 3-4, students spent time outside for athletic purposes. One of the general regulations stated that…

An image of what is likely the gymnasium used by the students at Notre Dame Academy in Southern Pines. A booklet about the school advertised the various athletic opportunities for students to enjoy, including: tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball,…

Members of the sophomore basketball team at Notre Dame High School in Hamilton in 1927.

Members of the senior basketball team at Notre Dame High School in Hamilton.

Members of the freshman basketball team at Notre Dame High School in Hamilton.

A view of the back side of the dual auditorium and gymnasium at Notre Dame High School in Chicago, IL. Some of the early sports activities offered by the school were basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and bowling.
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