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Students and alumnae of Mt Notre Dame Academy around St Mary's Hall on Alumnae Day. The Alumnae were instrumental in raising funds for the Belgian communities of Sisters damaged by the fighting during the First World War.

A group of seniors at Mt Notre Dame Academy standing between the stair cases on the outside of St Mary's Hall.

A view of the front of St Mary's Hall that is almost finished being built. The building, beginning construction in August 1903, was finished in time for the re-opening of class in September 1905.

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An angled view of the main building and the chapel at Mt Notre Dame. The main building was the original convent, academy, and chapel. It wasn't until 1868, eight years after the academy opened, that the chapel was completed, using limestone from the…

An angled view of the front of Mt Notre Dame's buildings, including the main building on the left and St Mary's Hall on the right. The main building, the first built, was constructed in 1860 and St Mary's Hall, the last addition, was completed in…

Two boarding students at Mt Notre Dame Academy standing in the yard behind the main building.

Summit newly built.jpg
A view of the front of the newly constructed Summit school and convent. Originally intended to be a convalescent home, construction plans soon changed to include a school in the building of The Summit.

A view of the Academy Building at The Summit. While the rest of The Summit was still under construction, the first 20 students attended the classes on the ground floor of the West Wing, or Academy Building.

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Summit school under construction.jpg
A view of the construction of the East Wing and main building of The Summit. The East Wing, intended for convent space, was still being built while the first classes were taught in the West Wing, or Academy Building.

A view of the community at The Summit on the side of the chapel. The chapel, complete in 1895, was built in a Gothic style and adorned with many beautiful carvings, windows, and marble.

A view of the community around 1910 in front of All Saints House. The house was on the estate that Sister Superior Julia bought when she was looking for a new site. The first Sisters lived in the house before the construction of The Summit.

A view of the stage in the St Cecilia Hall auditorium at The Summit. Until 1895 when the chapel was built, St Cecilia Hall was the school and community chapel. After 1895, St Cecilia Hall became the official auditorium of the school. The hall was…

The community of Sisters moved into The Summit convent in 1890 and began teaching in September 1890 to a first class of 20 students.

A view of the school building at St Agnes in Dayton, Ohio. The Sisters began teaching at the school in 1904.


The 4th Grade Class at St Agnes from the 1932-1933 school year. Two students in the photo would eventually become Sisters of Notre Dame.

A side view of the old church at 55th and Lamar. As the community in the parish continued to grow, Sisters needed increasing room. One place they found for classroom space was in the back of the church.

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The Social Hall was used by the students as a space for indoor recreation.

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Students from the lower grades outside of the school house. When the school opened, Sisters held classes from 1st through the fourth year of high school. All grades were taught French and there was an emphasis on musical classes.

A dorm room used by one of the lodgers at the Academy. Sister Marie Sylvia, mistress of boarders in the 1930s, described how difficult it was to keep the boarders from being bored because there was little excitement at the Academy. Students wanted to…

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An image of what is likely the gymnasium used by the students at Notre Dame Academy in Southern Pines. A booklet about the school advertised the various athletic opportunities for students to enjoy, including: tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball,…
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