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Six students of Mt Notre Dame Academy standing in a vineyard on the community's property. The grounds that the Sisters' purchased included ample space for their gardens, vineyard, and orchard.

A group of graduates of Mt Notre Dame Academy in their white graduation dresses.

Students and alumnae of Mt Notre Dame Academy around St Mary's Hall on Alumnae Day. The Alumnae were instrumental in raising funds for the Belgian communities of Sisters damaged by the fighting during the First World War.

A group of seniors at Mt Notre Dame Academy standing between the stair cases on the outside of St Mary's Hall.

Boarding students of Mt Notre Dame Academy taking a visit to the zoo. Although a good distance away from the busy city, students from time to time would take trips to see the sites of Cincinnati, such as the zoo or Eden Park.

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Boarding students of Mt Notre Dame Academy out for a walk along Ridge Road. Country walks were part of the physical activities for the students.

Boarding students of Mt Notre Dame Academy playing by a creek near the school. The Sisters' property on the Mountain at one point included nearly 100 acres of farmland, gardens, orchards, vineyards, and an area known as "The Virgin Woods".

Two boarding students at Mt Notre Dame Academy standing in the yard behind the main building.

Four boarding students at Mt Notre Dame Academy standing in the yard in front of the academy and convent buildings.

A view of the communion ceremony for the boys at The Summit's chapel. Along with scholastic education, the Sisters also provided classes and preparation for students receiving their First Communion.

Among the first to graduate from The Summit, were May Ryan on the left and Elinor Droppleman on the right. As there were so few students initially, May and Elinor pursued courses at their own pace, which included chemistry experiments and astronomy…


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A view of students at The Summit posing with science books, tools, and specimens. The Summit has a strong academic history. The course of study for The Summit Academy in 1890 for primary and grammar grades included "Steps in Science", while the High…

A view of the library at The Summit with a Sisters and students. The Upper School at The Summit was initially for girls. It wasn't until the early 1970s that boys were admitted to the high school grades.

A view of students at The Summit playing on gym equipment.

The graduates of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Dayton in 1921, taught by Sr Julienne Marie. The Sisters began teaching in 1889.

A group of students from St Agnes School in Dayton who received their First Communion.

The 4th Grade Class at St Agnes from the 1932-1933 school year. Two students in the photo would eventually become Sisters of Notre Dame.

Seven students sitting on horses on the campus grounds. Horse riding was a popular pastime for the students. Sister Helen recalled that most days from 3-4, students spent time outside for athletic purposes. One of the general regulations stated that…

An image of the school bus used to transport day schoolers to and from the Academy. There was an option to board at the school, which four students did the first year the school opened in 1937, but most students lived at home.

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Students from the lower grades outside of the school house. When the school opened, Sisters held classes from 1st through the fourth year of high school. All grades were taught French and there was an emphasis on musical classes.
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