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The statue of Mary inside the Lourdes Grotto at Mt Notre Dame. It was donated by Mrs. Adelaide Foss, a family member of a few Sisters.

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The interior of the chapel built in 1930 for the Sisters. The Sisters arrived in 1925 at the Sts Joachim and Anne parish and opened the parochial school with 229 children.

The altar used in the convent chapel by the Sisters at St Catherine of Genoa.

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A statue depicting Mary and the infant Jesus located in the garden or courtyard at the Franklin Street convent. The photo was taken before the 1913 flood of the Great Miami River, which caused heavy damage to the convent and school.

An interior view of the convent chapel with the statue of St Julie below the statue of Mary.

Statue of St Julie and a young girl, possibly added to the chapel oratory in 1935.


A statue that was gifted by the Class of 1933.

The front of the convent chapel showing the altar, statues, and crucifix.

A view of the altar at the convent chapel after renovations done in 1906. The two angel candelabra were a gift from a graduate of St Joseph Academy and her mother given in 1918.

A view of the convent chapel most likely before 1889. It is believed that this is the appearance of the chapel building that was constructed in 1880 before the extensive renovation in 1889.

The statue of Our Lady of Fatima, blessed by the Bishop of Liera, Fatima, was received by the Sisters on November 25, 1949 during its pilgrimage through the United States. It arrived at 11:50pm and the chaplain held a midnight sermon. At 6:45am the…

A view of the shrine and statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in the garden at Rich Street under some trees. The shrine was built in 1892 and was a frequent place of prayer.

A view of the side of the chapel and part of the convent added in 1898.

A statue of an angel and child in the courtyard at Rich Street.

A statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in a shrine in the garden at Rich Street.

Two statues, one of Our Lady, in the grotto at K Street. The grotto is connected with miraculous cures in the early years of the Sisters' presence at K Street. The gates to the courtyard were always open, so people would frequently visit the grotto…

A view into the grotto in the courtyard at K Street. The grotto was built in 1876, along with the original Academy of Notre Dame on the K Street site.

The Madonna and Child statue in the Sixth Street garden.

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A view of the inner courtyard garden at the Sixth Street Convent in Cincinnati. The early Sisters would let their neighbors into the garden to get water from the spring that flowed there.

A May Procession around the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in the convent garden at the Square. The Grotto was originally built in the 1873 and later remodeled in 1883 after Sr Julia McGroarty had a dream about the Grotto.
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