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Six students of Mt Notre Dame Academy standing in a vineyard on the community's property. The grounds that the Sisters' purchased included ample space for their gardens, vineyard, and orchard.

A view of the grounds at Southern Pines. Previously known as "Pineholm", the estate that the Sisters bought included two garages, four barns, wind mills, a log-cabin gymnasium, two lakes, pine groves, and a sunken garden.

A statue depicting Mary and the infant Jesus located in the garden or courtyard at the Franklin Street convent. The photo was taken before the 1913 flood of the Great Miami River, which caused heavy damage to the convent and school.

The rear of the Academy and convent used for garden spaces and an area for rest.

Photo of boys from the 5th and 6th grade outside in the school playground/garden. Boys' uniforms were introduced in 1931.

Three students in uniform sitting on their bicycles in the school garden/playground. The first uniform adopted by St Joseph Academy was in 1922, which included a black plaited skirt long enough to cover the knees when seated, long stockings, a white…

A view into the walled property at Rich Street. On the left is St Joseph Academy, in the center is the chapel, and on the right is the five-story convent built in 1897. The walled garden was used during the school year as the playground and during…

An aerial view of the property at the Rich Street site around 1963. The original convent was built in 1863, with a chapel on the second floor and a cellar. In 1875, the Sisters built St Joseph Academy. In 1880, a new chapel was built, which also…

A view of the shrine and statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in the garden at Rich Street under some trees. The shrine was built in 1892 and was a frequent place of prayer.

A view of the side of the chapel and part of the convent added in 1898.

A statue of an angel and child in the courtyard at Rich Street.

A statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in a shrine in the garden at Rich Street.

A view of the convent, academy, and garden at the Rich Street site. Sister Louisa, one of the early Sisters in Columbus, was a talented gardener and was often found in her wooden shoes tending to the convent garden when the Sisters lived on Eighth…

The images of the convent at K Street after the Academy of Notre Dame was demolished and rebuilt across the street next to the Gonzaga College High School for boys. The remodeled part of the convent where the school used to exist included a spacious…

The Madonna and Child statue in the Sixth Street garden.

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A view of the inner courtyard garden at the Sixth Street Convent in Cincinnati. The early Sisters would let their neighbors into the garden to get water from the spring that flowed there.

A photo of the Sixth Street community and Sisters Lucidie and Mary Stanislaus in the inner courtyard.

A photo of the community at Sixth Street with Superior Sister Mary Borgia.

A photo of Sisters in the Sixth Street courtyard in Cincinnati. Provincial Superior, Sister Julia is in the center and Sister Martha is to her right.

A May Procession around the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in the convent garden at the Square. The Grotto was originally built in the 1873 and later remodeled in 1883 after Sr Julia McGroarty had a dream about the Grotto.
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