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A procession of students for their graduation ceremony at Notre Dame High School in Hamilton. By 1950, there were 233 students enrolled at the school.

A photo of the Sisters and novitiates in the Hamilton community around 1888. By 1888, the Sisters taught at St Joseph's, St Stephen's, the Notre Dame Day School or Academy, and St Mary's.

A photo of early students, around 1890, at Notre Dame Academy in Hamilton. Although initially concerned about the low enrollment at the Academy, the Sisters soon saw increasing numbers and by 1901 would need an additional building.

An image of Sister Superior Ignatius Loyola in the school yard at Notre Dame High School in Hamilton. Sister Ignatius Loyola was Superior in Hamilton from 1928-1934.

Three Sisters - Teresa, Ann Loretto, and unknown - ready for a summer outing in Hamilton around 1929. At that time, Sister Teresa taught 2nd Rhetoric at Notre Dame Academy and Sister Ann Loretto taught 3rd Grade boys and girls at St Mary's school.

Three Sisters - Agnes Immaculata, Agnes Paula, and Teresa - standing on the railroad tracks in Hamilton, Ohio. According to the charge lists for Notre Dame Academy 1928-1929, Sister Agnes Immaculata taught graduates, Sister Agnes Paula taught 3rd…

Members of the sophomore basketball team at Notre Dame High School in Hamilton in 1927.

Members of the senior basketball team at Notre Dame High School in Hamilton.

Members of the freshman basketball team at Notre Dame High School in Hamilton.

A photo of the freshman class at the Notre Dame Academy in Hamilton in 1915. Sister Marian of the Sacred Heart was part of this freshman class and would enter the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur order in 1931.

A photo of students in the 7th and 8th grade at Notre Dame Academy in 1915. In 1915, the student population totaled 132 students and ranged from kindergarten to high school.


Students using the library in the high school in Hamilton.

A view of the convent used by the Sisters in Hamilton from the Southwest corner. The original convent had two floors, the first used for classrooms and the second for living spaces. After a fire in 1891, a third floor was added to increase space for…


An angled view of the front entrance to the high school in Hamilton.


An image of the auditorium used by the students likely in the high school building built by 1925. Soon after the school was established, it was known for having a strong music program and students would give performances for special occasions.

The front doors to the high school in Hamilton, Ohio. The building was built in 1925 and located across from St Joseph's church on Second Street. With the help and support of the Parent-Teacher Association, the school was equipped with sewing and…


A photo of the three main buildings built on the Notre Dame property. On the left is the high school building built in 1925 and in the middle is the academy building built in 1901, both used to accommodate the growing student population. On the right…

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An image of the renovated convent that was damaged in a fire in 1891. The Sisters were ready to add a new tin roof when they received permission to add a third story to the building.

An image of the convent built for the Sisters on Second Street in Hamilton in 1873. Previously, the Sisters lived in a rented house near the old Baltimore and Ohio depot on Fourth Street.


An image of what is likely identified as the renovated Hamilton chapel of 1925. An open house was offered to the public to inspect the new addition.

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