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A black and white image of the stained glass window of Mary. The window currently resides in the chapel at the Mount Notre Dame convent in Cincinnati.

A view of Sisters reading in and using the school library.

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The US flag and the banner signifying excellence in private education. The school was named an Exemplary Private School by the US Department of Education in 1985.

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The interior of the renovated chapel at the Notre Dame High School in Chicago.

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The grounds and property soon to be converted into the new North Wing at the high school and the Sisters' convent.

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Sister Ellen St John, Provincial, makes the ceremonial first dig at the site for the north wing addition to the high school.

The front entrance of Notre Dame High School after the 1963 construction of a new wing to the school and an addition to be used as the Sisters convent.

The convent addition to the high school built from 1962-1963. The Sisters who staffed the school originally used some of its rooms as their convent, but as the student body grew, and subsequently the number of Sisters required to teach them, more…

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Students at prayer in the school chapel.

A view of the back side of the dual auditorium and gymnasium at Notre Dame High School in Chicago, IL. Some of the early sports activities offered by the school were basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and bowling.

A view of the first Christmas play, "The Light from Heaven," performed at Notre Dame High School in Chicago, IL.

A view of Notre Dame High School's auditorium and gymnasium. The space was used for plays, recitals, dances, and sports.

Sister Marie Teresa ceremoniously digging the first hole at the site of the future Notre Dame High School campus.

The ceremonial ground breaking at the site for the new Notre Dame High School in Chicago, IL on Mango Avenue. The first class of students were taught at St Peter Canisius School in 1937, who later moved to the new Notre Dame High School building when…

A view of the inscription on one side of the cornerstone at Notre Dame High School in Chicago during the cornerstone ceremony. The inscription was suggested by Monsignor Markham, the brother of one of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

A view of both exterior facing sides of the cornerstone at Notre Dame High School in Chicago, IL.

One side of the cornerstone at Notre Dame High School in Chicago, IL. The cornerstone was originally intended to be at the corner of Wellington and Mango over the foundation of the auditorium. Due to construction interruptions, the corner of the…

A view of the front yard at Notre Dame High School in Chicago before the 1956 construction of the first addition to the campus.

A close-up of the front doors at Notre Dame High School in Chicago, Illinois.

A view of a side entrance to Notre Dame High School in Chicago, IL.
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