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The statue of Mary inside the Lourdes Grotto at Mt Notre Dame. It was donated by Mrs. Adelaide Foss, a family member of a few Sisters.

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A front view of the Lourdes Grotto on the grounds of Mt Notre Dame. The grotto was built around 1910 and was moved to its current location in 1959 when the Juniorate building was constructed.


The images of the convent at K Street after the Academy of Notre Dame was demolished and rebuilt across the street next to the Gonzaga College High School for boys. The remodeled part of the convent where the school used to exist included a spacious…

A view of the space in the grotto, which was connected to the convent at K Street.

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The grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in the courtyard of the Convent at K Street. Before the attached school was torn down in 1923, the central building housed the Sisters on the first two floors, and the top floor contained music rooms.

Two statues, one of Our Lady, in the grotto at K Street. The grotto is connected with miraculous cures in the early years of the Sisters' presence at K Street. The gates to the courtyard were always open, so people would frequently visit the grotto…

The courtyard at K Street.

Two students praying to the statue of Our Lady in the grotto at K Street. Early annals mention miraculous cures connected to the prayers asked in the grotto.

A photo of the buildings on K Street with identifying notations. The convent on the left (corner of K Street and North Capitol) was renovated in 1908 by Sister Superior Mary Appolonia. The grotto in the center of the courtyard and the school on the…

A view into the grotto in the courtyard at K Street. The grotto was built in 1876, along with the original Academy of Notre Dame on the K Street site.

A view of the K Street Convent after the school was torn down in 1923. The gate to the courtyard was always opened so that passersby could stop in and say a prayer at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

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A May Procession around the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in the convent garden at the Square. The Grotto was originally built in the 1873 and later remodeled in 1883 after Sr Julia McGroarty had a dream about the Grotto.
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