1809: Difference between Mère Julie and Msgr. Demandolx

Julie’s letter to Sr. Eulalie, at Namur

Amiens, January 11, 1809
My dear daughter,


Bishop [Demandolx}  wants us to accept constitutions which are not according to our original spirit.  He declares that our Mother Blin’s means are only for the house in Amiens, that I abandon all the others.  The good God does not want that, my dear daughter, because  I have not yet incurred any obligations either towards the bishop or towards the house in Amiens so  I am perfectly free to act for the greater glory of the good God, as I hope to do.  My good Sister Blin, to whom all the temporal goods belong, is also free and has not entered into any engagement to leave her assets in one place or another but where she finds the greatest facility to use them for the good of the work.

1812 Apology to Mère Julie by Mgr Demandolx

After having recognized his error, Msgr. Demandolx invites Julie to return to  Amiens as Superior General.

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