(Province of Ohio)

Congregational Leadership Team (CLT):  Sisters Maria Delaney, Rachel Harrington, Marie-Angèle Kitewo, Nancy Wellmeier

Sister Camilla Burns and her Team studied the possibility of a mission in Haiti and implemented the Jubilee Fund.  The 200th anniversary of the Congregation was celebrated in 2004.  The Heritage Centre was established in three sites:  Cuvilly, Ghent and Namur. The photovoltaic project was installed in Nigeria and Congo.  The Congregational Leadership Team was attentive to equal access to new forms of technology for all the sisters in the Congregation.

(Province of Ohio)

Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) 2008-2014:  Sisters Maria Delaney, Jeanne Mac Donald, Nancy O’Shea, Liliane Sweko

Sister Teresita and her Team named a coordinator of the Heritage Centre. In 2009, they approved the merger of the Maryland Province into the Ohio Province. The entire Congregation was involved in the development of the Triennial Report.

Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) 2014-2021:  Sisters Patricia O’Brien, Liliane Sweko, Masheti Wangoyi, Maureen White

This CLT approved members of five US provinces joining to form the US East-West province in 2014. The encyclicals of Pope Francis guided the ministry of the congregation to provide education and healthcare in the "most abandoned places", to end racism and human trafficking, and to build right relationships with one another and Earth. 2020 saw the first international meeting of province secretaries and the approval of the ZimSA province becoming the South Africa and Zimbabwe Communities in Mission. The Covid-19 pandemic extended the mandate of this CLT because the 2020 General Chapter could not be held in person. Permission was received to hold the virtual chapter held in 2021. 

(Province of US East-West)

Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) 2021-2027: Sisters Evalyne Aseyo, Lorraine Connell, Amarachi Grace Ezeonu, Miriam Montero Bereche