Mère Julie's coat.  The coat testifies to Mère Julie's poverty. It is interesting in that it is lined with a layer of wool between the lining and the outer fabric.

One of the first statues of Mère Julie. It was made in France and came to us from Cuvilly. In the base of the statue is a relic with the following inscription: "Wood from Blessed Mère Julie's bedroom door at Cuvilly."

Portrait of Mère Julie.  "In 1813, Julie conceded to the pressing request of her co-foundress and allowed the artist, Monsieur Jacquin, to portray her features on canvas.  Namur and some other houses (the two foundations in Ghent and Gembloux) have the originals, from which copies were made."  Here is the original of Ghent, the Namur original had been destroyed during a World War II bombing.