1807 Welcome of Mère Julie by Monsignor Pisani de la Gaude:

1809 Mother Julie leaves Amiens for Namur. Julie’s letter to Sister St. Joseph in Amiens:

(Namur), February 24,  1809

My dear good daughter,
I hope, if it pleases the good God, that this is the last time I shall be writing you at Amiens.  […]

The Bishop [Pisani] wants the house at Namur to be the Motherhouse.  I am telling this to you in a whisper.  He is very happy to have the Amiens community; we are looked upon kindly in the town, where there is much more religion than in other places. […]

Kind regards to everyone who speaks of poor Julie, Sister of Notre Dame of Namur and not of Amiens.   […]