This little desk was used by the first boarders at the time of Mère Julie. It belonged to the grandmother of the Fallon girls. They kept it as a relic until 1959. In April of that year it was given to the museum.

Signal used by Mère Julie.

The signal is an object made of wood, used by the teacher to attract and hold the attention of the students.  A little cord, like one used on a violin, holds a rod of wood in place which can be moved by the push of the thumb.  When the rod is pushed, it makes a dry and vibrating sound.

On the reverse side of the image of “Hieronymus”, Mère Julie wrote: “this great Saint (Saint Jerome) said: ‘Whether I drink, eat or am at prayer, it seems to me that I hear the fatal sound of that terrible trumpet which will say: "Come to the judgement of God.’"  This image belonged to Mère Julie who gave it to Augustine Degois, on March 31, 1812.